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Welcome to the Allen valleys scout group web site. The Allen valleys scout group headquarters can be found amid the spectacular scenery of the North Pennines, in the small town of Allendale.


The reason we are now called the Allen valleys scout group is as follows; there are two "Allen valleys" containing the east and west allen rivers, the area which these valleys cover is quite large. Since our members live in all corners of these valleys the original name of Allendale and Catton scouts did not seem quite inclusive enough.



As we are lucky enough to be based in an area of outstanding national beauty we have the chance to partake in many diferent activities such as orientering, night hikes, water based activities in the river, conservation work, nature walks, community work, biking and hiking to the local youth hostel on over night trips and even (weather permiting!) skiing at the British Norwegian ski slope in Allenheads.





Created by Matt Robinson